About Mineral Ceramics

Mineral Ceramics is proud to be part of the modern Maker Movement.

Much like the American Craft Movement that grew in response to the Industrial Revolution of the early 20th century, contemporary craft has emerged as a counterweight to our fast-paced, intensely digitized lives. We proudly handcraft soulful, functional ceramics that forge connections between people, provide grounding in an overwhelming world, and remind us of the enduring joy of simple pleasures.

We are a values-driven company and believe that we have a responsibility to enrich our community and protect our environment through our business practices. Please click here to read a letter from our owner, Becky Bourdeau, about anti-racism.

We love special requests and wholesale inquiries. You can reach us at hi[at]mineralceramics.com

Follow us on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/mineralceramics

And check out Becky's Landscape Design work at http://beckybourdeaudesign.com and http://instagram.com/beckybourdeau