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About Mineral Ceramics by Becky Bourdeau


The West is where I feel small and awe-inspired —by dramatically rugged landscapes, by the panoply of cultures and colors, by the insane rotation of seasonal produce. But I was born and raised in rural New England. My favorite meal is still steamed lobster and corn on the cob served at a picnic table, and most days in my DTLA Arts District studio you’ll find me listening to Car Talk.

In ecology there is a phenomenon known as the “Edge Effect,” where the diversity of life is greatest in areas where two ecosystems meet. That’s my style ethos both as a Landscape Designer and as a Potter.

In the garden, a plant's personality can really be influenced by its supporting cast, and that's especially true with potted plants. I started making Mineral Ceramics planters as a way to elevate the humble houseplant, cactus, air plant, what-have-you into a main attraction design element. A plant is nice. A plant in a killer pot is luxurious.

Mineral Ceramics are intended to be used AND adored. That's why in addition to our handcrafted planters, you'll also find vases, cups, bowls, and other home decor.

Each piece is a high quality, functional object with a timeless style that’s just the right blend of bold and warm—sort of what you'd expect from a sensible New Englander living in cool California.


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