Art Deco Planter
Art Deco Planter
Art Deco Planter

Art Deco Planter

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As smart and linear as Hercule Poirot solving a murder mystery. Feel free to name your plant Miss Lemon.

The Art Deco Planter is part of our super sexy and kinda badass Black & White series. Supple black glaze like a rebel rocker’s leather pants on naked not-quite-white stoneware (stoneware is rough and rugged as opposed to smooth and delicate like porcelain). Strong graphical surface designs are used to accentuate each vessel’s form and vice-versa.

Planters have drainage holes so your plants don’t drown. You may want a saucer (we have some funky ones here) or you can water in the sink and place your pot on a cork pad or other coaster when it’s done dripping, ya know, so you don’t ruin your nice furniture.

Approximate dimensions: 4" diam x 3" high

Minor variations in size, shape, and finish are charming indications that your pot was made by a human being and will make it worth a billion dollars someday on Antiques Roadshow.